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Message from Al Turnip’s ‘parents’ in the USA


Our prominent USA member, Karin Joyce, who recently discovered Al in a shop there, wrote to the sculptors at Carruth Studio in Ohio to give them our web address so they could read about our obsession with the turnip and check out ‘The Al Turnip View’ section.

The following message has been received from the artist who sculptured our Al

Message: Hello Baffle Poetry Group...notes like yours are what keep us going. It is wonderful to begin the day with a smile sent from across the pond! One day I hope to have a blog and would love to put your note up if that meets with your approval. In the meantime, I shall delight in knowing that ‘rutabaga mama’, otherwise ‘Al’ is in good company with all of you.

All my best

George & Deb Carruth


Their website is well worth a visit


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