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BAFFLE Bard passes away
Bridie Kirrane R.I.P.

July 2008

Baffle members and those who attended the annual festival have very fond memories of Bridie Kirrane and her sister Evelyn. Bridie was a regular finalist at the October festival and won the BAFFLE Bard title in 1999 with her poem ‘Fantasy’.

Bridie was born in Co. Mayo but moved to Roscommon in 1935 after her mother died. She and Evelyn were reared by their aunt, who had a drapery and pub in Roscommon town and Bridie worked in the drapery and later in The Blue Moon Cinema.

She wrote of her life in both stories and poetry - her recollections of Roscommon Hospital being built in the late 30s, the arrival of electricity, and the Roscommon fair days. She also recalled the arrival of Sam Maguire to Roscommon in 1943-44 where people hailed the All Ireland team home with burning sods of turf held aloft on pitchforks.

Bridie was a very committed member of Roscommon Active Retirement Group and had both prose and poetry published through that group's activities.

For decades, the two sisters lived together but in January 2008 Bridie broke her hip and was hospitalised for weeks, where her health deteriorated. Sadly she passed away on June 30th 2008 and, poignantly, her sister, Evelyn, also in hospital, departed this life on the following day. It was an extraordinary end to their lives’ journeys - two inseparable women bonded to the end. R.I.P.


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