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Ann Marie Hough

Ann Marie Hough

As of October 2007 Anne Marie is the only female poet to have won the BAFFLE Bard title twice; in 2000 with ‘Anything is Possible ’ and in 2005 with ‘Last Symphony’. A Baffler since 1999 she has been a regular Festival finalist entertaining audiences with her very distinctive delivery. Her poetry has been published in newspapers, magazines and books, including the BAFFLE Books. She likes Salsa Dancing, reading and particularly meeting with fellow poets. Her favourite poet varies from day to day. Today its Wordsworth and because its raining outside and she wants to escape she has picked 'Tintern Abbey'. “Learned it by heart at school and still love it”

So why would Anne Marie stick with Baffling? “Baffle livens up ordinary life. What other organisation provides lawful devilment, a creative environment and literary esoterics where everyone has a Phd in BS”

And finishing off she says: “Baffle gives me a licence to live dangerously close to the edge of indecency, while maintaining the facade of respectability.”




Last Symphony

The First Kiss

Anything is Possible


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