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Eamonn McNally

Eamonn McNally

Eamonn was a key founding member of BAFFLE way back in 1984 and has been a key member of the committee since. His poetry is generally comical in tone with a satirical edge. He has had poems published in ‘Galway in the Great War’ by William Henry, 'The Connacht Tribune, 'Maple Leaves' and in all the BAFFLE books. He is a very regular prize-winner in BAFFLE poetry competitions. He has also been a finalist for the BAFFLE Festival on many occasions and a winner of the ‘People’s Choice’ in 2006 and 2008. Stephen Spender is his favourite poet with the poem ‘The Truly Great’ as his favourite poem. Eamonn particularly likes ‘the company, the poems and the cocktail sausages’ in BAFFLE. He also says ‘I like the trips away, people who arrive on time, spending the BAFFLE budget and the October Festival, all of it’. Besides poetry Eamonn is an accomplished short story writer and is featured in three books by the Loughrea Creative Writers group. His other big enjoyment is ‘sleeping after dinner’.



I Watched Her Walk Away

Aughrim 1691

The Pulpit

The Ladies Got Class

Not Just Any Old Love Poem

Ancient Man

Dead Poets Requiem

Did I get that right?

Making Waves


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