Another Statistic

By Eileen Smith.

Truly legendary

a vanishing breed

could be sighted

up to a decade ago

on the streets

in the fields and

bogs of Ireland

immortalised in

song and story

this blushing beauty

flawless complexion

shy and retiring

a well rounded figure

ample bosom

hairy legs and arms

child bearing hips

a devout catholic

reverent and obedient

to her church and spouse

confessions on Friday

mass on Sunday

admired for her purity

a member of the

big knickers brigade

believing everything

to be a sin even thoughts

of the forbidden fruits

or glancing at juicy bits

of the English magazines

became sins of the flesh

her only adornment was

the Child of Mary medal

bestowed on her for

her virginal qualities.

Begorrah! and Begob!

the celtic tiger ate up

our last remaining samples

of the traditional Irish Colleen

she has become another statistic.

Vanished without trace.