The 2010 Committee

By Finuala McNally

This year the committee is made up of nine

Who devote to BAFFLE their talent and time

Siun our Secretary so petite and sublime

Fluent As Gaeilge, the only one of the nine

All Siun asks is you show up on time

Pat the man who looks after the dough

His preference The Beatles… there’s no other show

Stephen PR man, Master of pen and ink

He keeps BAFFLE in the limelight and you in the link.

Ian the Artist Posters and Programmes design

Of Strokestown he’s proud, He can turn out a rhyme.

Mary Ida and Perlie gain new friends each year

Without them BAFFLE wouldn’t be here

Then we have Ger – That’s Bane TC

The only Politician on the committee

Can deliver a speech at the drop of a hat

But what Politician couldn’t do that.

Lucy honest Lucy, our passport to heaven

She’ll be our Spanish tour guide in 2011.

Last but not least the new lass to the team

Ann Marie Kennedy the Craughwell Colleen

She takes in her stride any task any chore

Her words not mine can I do any more.

This committee to me so dedicated to the cause

Could I ask you please?

Give them a round of Applause.

(This was Finuala’s opening address to the audience

at the 2010 Festival finals in her role as Chairperson)