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Geraldine Bane

Geraldine Bane


Ger has been writing for BAFFLE since 1994 and is included in a number of their books. A past chairperson and a committee member for many years. She has been BAFFLE’s Festival Director on a number of occasions. She says “Would never write anything if it wasn’t for BAFFLE. Would never have stood up and read to an audience if not for BAFFLE. Would never have met some of the amazing people I now call my friends, if not for BAFFLE!!” She likes Michael Hartnett’s style but her favourite poem is ‘Funeral Blues’ by W.H. Auden.

A winner of the ‘People’s Choice’ prize at the 2007 BAFFLE Festival, her poems are highly regarded.



Mirror Mirror

Bobo & Diane

The Road to ‘Trafficking’

Message in a Bottle

The Railway Children


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