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Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald

Ian has been a BAFFLE member since 2002 and is involved on the committee for about five years having acted as treasurer for three of those. He has had poems published in the latest ‘BAFFLE in Colour’ book, in ‘Issues’ Magazine and ‘Maple Leaves’. He was BAFFLE Bard in the 2004 Festival with his poem ‘Djiu Be Fu’. Ian has designed the Festival posters since 2003 winning first place in the National AOIFE poster design award that year. He is not a prolific writer composing mainly for BAFFLE events. His style is mostly comic or satirical with only the odd rhyme on a serious subject. He claims not to be a poet at all but a writer of rhymes. ‘No shame in that’ he claims. He likes the writings and wit of Oscar Wilde and the rhymes of Dublin poet Vincent Caprani. His favourite poem is ‘Etiquette’ by W. S. Gilbert. He says “Baffling is not for the faint hearted but only for those with a sense of humour, a thick skin and a strong constitution”



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