Crossing our Rubicon

By Ian McDonald

I thought of Pearse and Plunkett

Of Connelly and Clarke

Of Queen Vic and of Cromwell

All those names who made their mark

I thought of our Great Famine

The evictions that were made

I thought of our uprisings

And the price that we had paid

I thought of Maggie Tatcher

And the plight of Bobby Sands

I thought then of King Billy

And the hoards of marching bands

I recalled at once the stories

Of the G.P.O. blockade

That Croke Park Bloody Sunday

And the Black ‘n Tan brigade

There are two sides to our history

Some select by a-la-carte

To play the role of underdog

That perfect bleeding heart

But time is the great healer

Lets embrace that ‘quid pro quo’

As I thought about my friendships

With those English that I know

But those thoughts were interrupted

When the band began to play

And I stood to hear ‘God Save the Queen’

In The Hogan Stand that day

The silence it was deafening

From that eighty thousand crowd

We had travelled ‘cross that Rubicon

This was Ireland, I was proud

The Sasanachs were humbled

As we sang our battle cry

Sweet Chariots were silenced

Through The Fields of Athenry

After centuries of oppression

They left Crocker in defeat

We’d evened out the score at last

Our revenge, ‘twas o so sweet.