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Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy

The Kennedy in Joe is the same Kennedy as in The Bowes Kennedy pub where all this BAFFLE nonsense started. So Joe was right there at the beginnings in 1984. An accomplished poet and very much the performer Joe has featured in the final fifteen of the BAFFLE Festival on many occasions. He was BAFFLE Bard in 1998 with his poem Confessions of a Beast. He also was the Festival Peoples Choice in 2003. Well known for his acting abilities Joe performs regularly throughout County Galway. He tells also of his other interests such as walking and then he says I like to sing and am part of a barbershop quartet-plus. We sing all over the country and have often been invited back. Someday we may even learn some new songs. We once actually got paid.”

We hear he writes other stuff besides poetry and he admits that When I write I also explore. There's nothing like a good write.”

And a short note to finish: “My favourite poet - no bullshit - is me and my favourite poem is ‘Jack McGoo’ Sorry everyone but I always hated poetry 'til I started writing it. If it's any consolation I hate some of my own poetry. I often enjoy some of the stuff I hear at Baffle nights. I love the way certain Baffle women read their poems - so sensuous. I like poets who smile when they read. I like poems that make me laugh. My favourite non-me poem of all time is Eamon's one about the Battle of Aughrim. Lennon and McCartney wrote some good stuff too.”



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Confessions of a Beast

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