Yes We Mightn’t

By Joe Kennedy


Out of smoke and rubble the Euro grows in power

United for the first time through peace instead of war

A noble state of being that’s doing pretty good

Making small adjustments to its progress as it should


And the Irish are delighted to be part of this success

Joining up with Europe cleared the Dublin/London mess

But lately we have noticed that there is something up

Whenever there’s a problem, the Dáil’s down in the pub


Or at the races or on holidays or junketing around

Or playing pass the envelope, rezoning common ground

Running rings around the Revenue Commissioners

Then passing on the baton and becoming new age pensioners


And while the Dáil was busy as described above

The Lisbon treaty came and went like chickens making love

The yes campaign staggered home arsefied and late

And were last reported opening up a can of Cowangate