An Lady Mhór

By Joe Kelly


Cathleen Ni Houlh (sic)

How your poets and martyrs grieve and sigh

And wonder what crazy madness

Drove them to fight and die

To remove an imperial yoke

Only to be replaced by pimps

In pin stripe suits

Backed up by men in wigs

And flowing gowns

Who speak of justice and integrity

Yet for thirty pieces of silver

Made a whore of you

And robbed you of your dignity

Who is this Irish Permanent Erection Society

That has stolen you of your youth

And robbed you blind

Do they understand principle?


When interest is attached

Sometimes compound sometimes simple

And with a little bit of luck

One or two penalties

So Cathleen time you broke free

No longer a hooker be

Get rid of those pimps purveyors of felith

Take control of your destiny

For you are An Lady Mhor

And you can command the respect of

All once more

An Lady Mhor

Bád Mhór

Bád ana deas

Bád ana laidir

Buiochas le Día