Surfing the Web

By Joe Kelly

Study a web sight,

A creation spun and weaved

evolutions masterpiece achieved,

Fibres (sic) pulsate, communicating

Something’s there for dissemination

“Excuse me please” the spider wheezed,

“I think a visitor has just landed,

I’ll check the net and I’ll take a bet

Its probably a wasp bandit.”

So, from his lair he dose appear

Master of all he surveys.

His site, well chosen snares all that flows in.

With ease and agility he moves with ability

spinning as he goes.

The wasp is now thrashing, the web he tries smashing

Panicking, for death is close he knows.

But the silken threads wrap and bind

The wasp is entwined

Quickly retrieved, it is to the larder bound

Dispatched from life without a sound.

So with caution tread when surfing the web

In search of information.

Remember the fly on a silken bed did lie

Before his devastation.