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Johnny Kelly

Johnny Kelly

Present at conception” is what Johnny claims. He was also there at the birth of BAFFLE in 1984 when they gathered in The Bowes Kennedy Pub. A Baffler from the start, Johnny wrote poems, as was common in those early days, on whatever stationery was nearest to hand in the pub; beer mats, cigarette packets and the like. Times have not changed that much! Some of those poems feature in the BAFFLE books and 'Maple Leaves'. He was in fact responsible for instigating the unique relationship that BAFFLE has with the Portumna based Maple Group through his uncle Bertie Kelly.

Ulster’s contemporary poet Paul Muldoon is Johnny’s favourite but when it comes to the poem he likes best he has chosen BAFFLE’s own Martin Toher and his ‘Pub Crawl’

Johnny likes socialising (needs to be more specific here!) and the odd game of chess.

The thing about BAFFLE he says is “it gets people asking questions”. What about we don’t know and, indeed, if Johnny has the answers!



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