Who’s to Blame

By Johnny Kelly

When Kennedy started BAFFLE

He said ‘lets get one thing clear

This is only going to work

If we meet just once a year.’

When McNally started BAFFLE,

He had a limited point of view.

He had no desire to branch out

And meet other groups anew.

But when I started BAFFLE

I could see things so clear.

Like our ongoing festival

Which gets better every year.

I even got ye a pulpit,

With a Dublin adjudicator,

Sourced out Michael Hartnett,

Could get no one greater.

When Ger Bane started BAFFLE,

She introduced her airwaves friend

The one and only Declan O’Brien,

May this association never end.

So you see we all started BAFFLE,

I can’t mention everyone,

But may it long continue.

To give us nights of fun.