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Lucy McCrann

Lucy McCrann

Lucy joined Baffle in 1997, when she realised that every other member of her family had written a poem for the festival, and all she was doing was answering the phone. Since then she’s been published in several of the Baffle books, and also in Glance by the Maple Group. She is currently working on a novel.

Her favourite poem is Ithaca by Cavafy.

She’s still a member of Baffle as she’s not sure how to get out of it, bar emigrating. She enjoys the atmosphere of camaraderie and banter, but especially the respect shown towards everyone’s endeavours.

Her main interests are correcting other people’s spellings, drinking red wine and counting the syllables in haiku, (usually all at the same time). Here’s her favourite haiku:

To write a poem
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic


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