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Mary Caprani

Mary Caprani

Mary has been involved with BAFFLE since 2005 with her first experience being that October Festival. Mary lives in Dublin and little did we know at the time that she was an accomplished and published poet. Her own collection ‘Musings’ was published in 1989 and her work has appeared in such magazines as Woman’s Way, Clo, The New Link and more.

Her hobbies, besides writing poetry, are reading, music and painting. There are two poets that stand out for Mary, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Henry W. Longfellow, with the former’s The Lady of Shallot’ being one of her favourite poems. Another of her favourites is ‘The Brick’ by James O’Toole.

Mary says: “I’m very impressed by the high standard of the poetry recited at the BAFFLE weekends and by the support to the group by the whole town of Loughrea. I think ‘yez’ are a great crowd!”

When asked if she had anything zany she would like to impart she replied thus: “I leave the zany stuff to Vinnie. Too many ‘zanies’ in the one family would just confuse the grandchildren”.

(See the hubby, Vinnie, elsewhere on this site to see what she means)


Apologies to an Old Lawnmower



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