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Margaret Hickey

Margaret Hickey

A writer, journalist, editor and translator, Margaret joined BAFFLE in 2001 and rose through the ranks rapidly becoming Chairperson in 2007. Her poetry is thought provoking and often witty. Her poems have featured in ‘Glance’ and ‘Maple Leaves’. She has a recently published book entitled ‘Irish Days’. She likes reading Yeats, but also Heaney, Auden and Donne. Her favourite poem is ‘Sailing to Byzantium’ by Yeats. When not writing or working Margaret likes reading, crossword puzzles, swimming and the odd glass of wine. When asked why she joined BAFFLE she says I was brought along to a BAFFLE night by Noelle Lynskey, who didn’t tell me what to expect and I haven’t recovered since. I’ve never had a bad evening at any of the readings – a wonderful combination of poetry and abuse. I must also add how much I’ve enjoyed the festivals – so varied and so full of interest. BAFFLE definitely adds to the gaiety of life.”



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The Widow

All Washed Up

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