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Mary Ida Kelly

Mary Ida Kelly

Mary Ida’s love affair with BAFFLE started in 1994. She has been an integral part of the committee for many years with the distinction of being Festival Director for several of these. Her poems have featured in the BAFFLE publications and the 'AWARE Magazine'. She is a very regular contributor to BAFFLE nights out and the Festival. She also enjoys reading, driving and going to the movies. Her favourite poet is BAFFLE’s own Noelle Lynskey and she particularly likes her poem ‘Cuckoo’ which was a previous festival winner. So why did she join the group? “ Because I like WAFFLE and BAFFLE on BAFFLE nights and enjoy the company of like-minded ‘spirits’.” She says “BAFFLE keeps us all transported on wings of words through sands of time, always working together, always in step, always in rhyme”






Mea Culpa

If Only

It's Now or Never

On Account

Her Final Journey


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