By Mary Ida Kelly

A formidable presence…all in black,

Breath mingling in the November mist

She …a reluctant 90 years old

Pauses on the last leg of her final journey.

Her home of 73 years now eerily silent,

The comings and goings all over for her now.

Rocking backwards and forwards…

Backwards and forwards…

I hold tightly on to her.

Shivering and shuddering…

She utters one last piercing cry

And we are on our way.

I at 17… to a new life in England,

She at 90… to the railway scrap yard

Steam engine days now truly over;

She rolls “OFF THE RAILS” and into history.

On a nearby siding… silently waiting

Like an actress in the wings

Lay a span-new diesel railcar.

Sleeker and more streamlined

Than our old Iron Horse

Whose clarion call had heralded

The homecomings of 3 generations.

As one era ended another began.

After 12 years of comings and goings

SHE ..brought.. ME home on HER last trip.

Leaving LOUGHREA and…ME.…