By Mary Ida Kelly

Bursting in! breaking glass!All muscle and bravado

Demons of the dark.

Dragging her …gagging her…

Pushing her… shoving her…

Lashing and smashing her.

Breaking and taking the

mementoes of a lifetime.

“cash or gold…cash or gold”…

ringing ‘round and ‘round…

in and out… up and down

the once peaceful hearth.

Left tethered and trembling against a post

Bruises blackening…eyes blinding..

Shivering and sobbing ..slowly sinking


Where was I her family?

Where were you her friend?

Where were we her neighbours?

We were busy! Busy! Busy!

Blinding us to her vulnerability!!

(Did I just hear the cockcrow?)

Those men of the dark

See only too clearly

Where our blind spots are!!!

(Dedicated to the elderly lady recently beaten and robbed and tied to her garden post where she was beaten again and left, and to all who live in fear of the night).