The First Kiss

By Mary Joyce

His name was William Dunkel

He was only six years old

A randy little fellow

Always with a perpetual cold.


William’s twin was David

Between them something was always ‘amiss’

They are a permanent part of my memory

As William gave me my first kiss.


The first kiss for many rings of

Flowers, bells and stars

For me it was a different story

I ended with a permanent scar!


The day was a typical school day

In the yard standing true to form

Were the twins hatching a plan

So innocent in Catholic uniforms.


The crowd of other students

Were running, yelling having fun

The Dunkels were standing muttering

Planning to get ‘yer one’.


I stood at the top of the steps

Waving good bye to mom and baby sis

Ready to join a group of whispering girls

….Hmmm something was amiss.


You see the Dunkels were smitten

By my six year old wily ways

They told all the other girls

Of their amorous plan that day.


I took my place among the group

Anxious to hear the ‘buzzing bees’

Suddenly the group dispersed

Not unlike the Red Sea.


And there stood William Dunkel

With David close behind

There was a look of determination

And a single thought in his mind.


His lips were pursed for action

They seemed to take over his face

I felt a panic rush over me

And was frozen…locked in place.


A hush fell over the schoolyard

All six year old eyes on me

When an energy surge erupted

I jumped and started to flee.


But where to run and hide

The yard was a concrete square

With only one escape

Up the concrete stairs.


I ran around the schoolyard

In a circle full of fear

William was close behind

With David in second gear.


The steps were so far away

I had to quickly get there

And in a split decision

I flew through the air.


No wings sprang from my back

But I did fly through the air

Unfortunately not like a bird

My head collided with the third stair.


Bone hitting concrete

I will remember the sound

As I rolled down the steps

And was lying on the ground.


I opened my eyes and

Who do you think was there

William with lips puckered

Ready to cure my despair.  


He lowered his head

Runny nose and all

And kissed my virgin lips

Very quickly I recall.


The rest of the day is quite blurry

A car ride, hospital and xrays

Very flashy, scary and bright

All recollection is a haze.


So that was the first time I was kissed

And despite the permanent scar

It was rather memorable

And I really did see stars.