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Miceál Kearney

Micael Kearney

Miceál Kearney, has been writing since 2001 and has been published in magazines and anthologies in Ireland, England and America. He has won the Cuisle’06, Cúirt ‘07, Baffle ’07 and the North Beach Nights’ 07 Poetry Grand Slams. He was short-listed for the’07 Cinnamon Press Poetry Collection Award. He has also read as part of Poetry Ireland’s Introduction Series. ‘Inheritance’, Miceál’s debut poetry collection was published in May ‘08 by Doire Press. He gives workshops in Performance Poetry called: Stand and Deliver. His first Baffle event was in 2005, the theme was it’s all over now. “Been going ever since and will continue — it’s a wonderful, humbling experience” says he. His favourite poet is Shakespeare. His favourite poem is ‘The Last Rose of Summer’ by Thomas Moore.

Miceál says he was once considered a threat to this Nation’s safety! I assume this was in the literary sense. Well! Bafflers are a fairly destructive lot regarding the literary arts!


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