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Noelle Lynskey

Noelle Lynskey

Noelle has been a Baffler since 19?? (forever). We think she made a wrong turn once on her way to a reading of Portumna’s Maple Poetry Group, of which she is THE leading light, and ended up at a BAFFLE event. Anyway, Noelle, has contributed greatly to BAFFLE for many years and is a regular winner. She was the BAFFLE Bard in 2002 with her poem ‘Cuckoo’ and has qualified for the festival’s last fifteen on many occasions. Her work has appeared in lots of publications including 'BAFFLE in Colour', 'Maple Leaves' and 'Glance'. Besides writing Noelle also likes walking, music and reading. Her favorite poets are Seamus Heaney and Wislawa Szymborska but the poem she chooses is ‘Tintern Abbey’ by Wordsworth.
So was that a wrong turn she made? “From the first night, I felt so welcome and so included- And I still do- regardless of the writing, it’s fun! I try to add a serious note but hope to learn the art of humorous writing from the giants like Mc N, Barker and Mc D- not to omit the powerful Kelly bunch- and of course the diversions on the way home have been a geographical education!!! I say no more!!!!!!

NB- despite what you may ever be told, the L in BAFFLE stands for LIVER-because joining BAFFLE requires you donate your LIVER to them for pickling in several cauldrons of poetically blessed solutions of Loughrea Liquor



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