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Perlie Fullard

Pearlie Fullard

Some may think it a little odd that we should profile a ‘non-writer’ in the poet’s section. Not really, for we know that Perlie has been the inspiration for many ‘s a poem written over the years. She also has the distinction of being with BAFFLE from the very beginning in 1984. A serving committee member she is a prime mover in organising the annual collections from The Friends of BAFFLE. She is very involved in The Loughrea Tidy Towns Organisation but she says her main joy is ‘having a nice cold gin and tonic’

She likes Michael Hartnett’s poem ‘The Ghost of Billy Mulvihill

So why does Perlie stick with BAFFLE? - ‘I’m only in it for the money, the get-togethers and the craic.. I like Everything about being in BAFFLE’ says she.

So is Perlie ‘The First Lady’ ? - Make your own mind up when you read the poem below!





First Lady


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