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Patrick Lawless

Pat Lawless

Pat Lawless has been with BAFFLE since 1994. A past Chairperson of the society who has also served on the committee for many years in various other positions. A prolific writer of poetry and we suspect not all of which get an airing at BAFFLE events. His work has appeared in the various BAFFLE books and in the Maple Poetry Group publication. We also understand that one of his poems as Gaeilge has been published. His hobbies consist of wine, poetry, golf and turf cutting and also running up steep hills! He is the resident expert in all things to do with music and was a key influence in introducing the Music Workshop to the BAFFLE Festival.

Australian Alec Derwent Hope is his favorite poet but Pat says he likes (reading) anything with a bit of ‘amore’.

Why did he join BAFFLE? “One time I would have said it was for the poetry but in reality it’s the drink!”

His quirky comment:
“ too many wines.. not enough time

just became a granddad for the first time
and Harney’s personality helps.”



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