Glimpses of Eden

By Ray Gately

Turn a blind eye

To the naked greed that feeds on its own,

First class fare, caviar and limousine luscious lick,

Blame England is the well-run alibi.

Turn a blind eye

To arrogant clerics, self-seeking suckers,

Power, prestige,in nomine meum corpum,

While children cried,” Please God, not me tonight.”

Turn a blind eye

To the marooned migrant on our shore,

Cead Mile Failte, muffled and mildewed,

Revealing our floorboards of fear.

Turn a blind eye

To drink and drugs, distilled perfection,

Consuming, changing, obese,

Enough is a wordless whim in this wasteland.

Turn a blind eye

To the shackles of oppression,

Compounded by a subtle satellite, insincere,

Slicked over you, like Glaucus from the deep.

Turn a blind eye

To Javier Gomez and the community of Santa Cruz,

“The weather is getting drier and the rains are getting less.”

The shoeless carbon footprint of the poor.

Turn a blind eye

To Raftery and King Lear, the poet and the seer,

Through wandering, suffering and returning home,

They own their memory and shout, “It is the blind who see.”