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Thomas Glendon

Thomas Glendon

Dubliner Thomas Glendon moved his sculpture workshop to Loughrea in 2004. Looking around for a social outlet that same year he was inveigled to attend a BAFFLE night and, like so many more before him, has been a regular attender ever since. However it was not until the BAFFLE Tour to Paris in 2007 that Thomas became a true Baffler when he read one of his own poems in Carr’s Irish Pub there. In fact Tom was the catalyst for the entire trip as it revolved around the Paris exhibition of his sculpture. When not sculpting Tom likes to Fly Fish and talk about wine. He also likes to taste (drink!) the stuff.

He often quotes from the poem ‘When I loved among these dead” by his favourite poet Stephen Spender. To quote from Tom “ I always held a view that poetry is like pure sculpture and painting; it’s the word play that gives cohesion to the structure of a poem, as shape and proportion does in the visual arts.”

He says he is awaiting BAFFLE’s next international sojourn.



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