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Vinnie Caprani

Vinnie Caprani

Dubliner (and you can’t mistake that!) Vinnie has been involved with BAFFLE since 2005 having attended as a guest reader. An accomplished author and poet he is also interested in reading, music and walking. A regular contributor to TV and radio when opinion is needed for anything relating to Dublin’s auld times. His work has appeared in many anthologies and he has written several novels and two books of poetry, ‘Rowdy Rhymes and Rec-im-itations’ and ‘Vulgar Verse and Variations’ .

His favourite poet is Sir Topaz McGonagall. ( If you Google this guy it says the following: McGonagall is best known as the world's worst poet. His unique style of versification breaks the laws of rhythm, rhyme and common sense in a manner that has eluded his thousands of imitators for more than a century.) Maybe Vinnie is taking the mickey here!

The poem of his choice is either Byron’s ‘Prisoner of Chillon’ or William Johnson Corey’s ‘Telemachus’s Lament for Heraclitus’.

When asked why be bothered to take up the invitation to join BAFFLE he replied as follows:

“ A tough question, but perhaps best answered by the Lord Chancellor in Iolanthe who proclaimed

But though the compliment implied,

inflates me with legitimate pride,

It nevertheless can’t be denied

That it has its inconvenient side’”

And Vinnie comments further: “The very mild ‘inconvenience’ here is possibly summed up by Groucho Marx’s famous dictum

I don’t care to belong to any society which would accept me as a member’. However, I lay all such qualms aside, I readily jettison all my socialistic egalitarianism – nay, I grovel at your feet to finally have a title, a ‘Baffler’!”


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