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Victoria McNally

Victoria McNally

I suppose it was inevitable that more of the McNally family would catch the BAFFLE bug. Victoria has been observing the antics since ‘she could lick a stamp’. In fact she has been there or there abouts since 1985, but only recently has she taken the plunge to become a full blooded Baffler when she read on the 2009 Edinburgh trip. There was no stopping her after that and she made the finals of the 2009 BAFFLE Festival with her very first poem.

She likes painting, cinema and most importantly, dying her hair.

She really likes Bristol poet Liz Loxley and in particular her poem called ‘Thickness of Ice’

She claims her only reason for being in BAFFLE is ‘To find a rich handsome intelligent man’. The number of candidates to choose from must be mind boggling! (Applications in writing to The Secretary……..)

Vicky is the colorful young lady generally seen with a cocktail in one hand and a camera in the other, however she hasn't managed to snap Al at any event yet...



Empty Eyes

Dear Kate

Not at the Races



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