Dear Kate

By Victoria McNally

In a sense its exploration

Understanding life and its meaning

Waving farewell to what was then

There is nothing you cannot do

Taking a curl

Was high payment in its day

If life could be that simple

Innocence would have a say

I too believe I still have

that little child within

And if I ever lose it

I would be forever lost

Spending loads on the finer things in life

Is a thing of the past for you

Not spending money

Is now more your style

Charismatic, loyal, dependable

Describe you in a few

The latest you would ever be would be on time

You hate to queue

I was the first to spread my wings

But you were the first to fly

Patience through a heart of hopes

Learning from my wrong turns

Emotional waves throughout our lives

Make us bond

Each stitch connects the dots

I’m glad we are sisters

Something eats me up inside

Curiosity feeds yours

I was the one with explorer dreams

Yet you are the one exploring.