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Wiltrud Duell

Noelle Lynskey

The European Union in action! We are not sure if Wiltrud came to Ireland especially to join BAFFLE or not but she has been a very entertaining part of it since 1998. Her poems can be read in The BAFFLE in Colour publication. She likes reading, walking, gardening and cooking when not writing poetry. Not like a German to be indecisive but she is not sure who her favourite poet is saying “it depends on my mood, however I like humour so lets go for ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph”. Not known for her timidity Wiltrud admits that she likes Baffling “because I like to show off, like to be centre of attention, I am a Leo!!! and of course I like my fellow Bafflers-- how they mention always THE WAR--how they are amazed that actually one person is IN TIME, like 9pm sharp!! I guess we baffle each other so well!!???

Still getting to grips with Irish ways she comments “I never got this ‘let's go to the pub thing’ but the poetry pub nights are entertainment , inspiration and sheer clean???? fun. I love it--its soooo Irish, couldn't be done in Germany



Desire Lines

Grounded to Zero

The Great Western Highway

The Wave

Black Velvet


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