by Wiltrud Duell


If only she would look closer

She carries class rather than fashion, which suits me

The way the body moves

the figure appears just perfect

I’d like to wrap around her


I have seen better times

This temporary housing is damp, the company not all good

But no need to reject me yet

In spite a minor repair, I still make heads turn

give confidence, evoke passion


Her touch is careful and soft, appreciative

She slips me off, after a short examination

Picks me up, pays for me

Rather delighted I am all hers

Town house, country home, walk in wardrobe?


The parties, a wedding and christenings

Theatre visits and that luxury break, I see it all repeated

I know I inspire good posture and the cut is flattering

People want to admire and feel me

Indeed sense my value despite my prize


I am a facilitator with experience, a loyal witness

My first mistress often caressed me, reliving precious memories

I accompanied her on her last evening out

Now I move in with new patterns, textures and colours

How exciting is the fabric of life.


Oh, this is a new adventure already We take a bus!