The Wave

By Wiltrud Duell

The crash of the wave

Reflects the resistance met

By the sea’s landfall


Riding the crest of the wave

With the shore in reach

The pain comes in waves

All life began in the sea

A new child is born

Sand dunes move wavelike

Seas of history on land

Dispersed by the wind

Eyes deep as the sea

Hands wave good bye and hello

Silent stories told

Waves of emotions

Strand all sorts of beachcombers

Souls pick memory.

The shell seeker found

On a lonely beach a pearl

Tear of the ocean

Wild and destructive

A tsumani sweeps the earth

All clutter removed

Waves of bombers came

One dropped the atomic bomb

Hiroshima’s hell

Waves of orgasms

G points deep down in my well

Roman do something.